Heaven on earth?

Can we experience our lives with presence, pure joy and peace?  I’ve contemplated what in my own life feels like heaven on earth.  I believe that in these times, I’m living life through my heart more than my mind.  In these times, I feel relaxed, happy and satisfied with life.

  • Holding my son’s hand
  • Hugging my husband
  • Laughing with my family
  • Cuddling with my son
  • Sitting outside on a warm day watching the white fluffy clouds move slowly across the sky
  • Sitting quietly, simply breathing and feeling the joy of the present moment
  • The warmth of the sun on my face
  • The kindness of a friend
  • The smile of a stranger
  • The ability to share the gift of kindness, compassion and love with others
  • And many more…

What feels like heaven on earth to you?


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