Breaking Through Anxiety

For someone dealing with anxiety, the anxious thoughts overpower mind and body.  Often this “anxious self” becomes the person people see – the person we become.  As we try to fit into societal and corporate norms when dealing with a debilitating anxiety disorder we are putting our mental and physical well being at risk.

How can we break through the anxiety?  How can we get a glimpse of our true self?  The anxiety-free version.

Recently I started breaking through more layers of anxiety and am beginning to wonder if I really am this “high stress”, “type a”, “must be busy all the time” person or if I’m really a relaxed and peaceful person.  I have to admit when I allow myself to be relaxed and peaceful my heart appreciates me and I feel really good!

Have you considered who you really are deep down?  Take some time to contemplate this through reflection, meditation and journaling.

Peaceful Horizons Lisa Klarner

As you begin looking deeper into yourself, remember to be patient because becoming the true you isn’t something that will come easily.  Open your eyes to the people that come into your life as you dive deeper into the real you.  The encouragement you need will arrive in a variety of ways as God puts the right people onto your path at the right time.  You can achieve whatever you set your mind too.  And, I am a work in progress myself, so am looking forward to experiencing this journey of life with you!

Hugs and blessings,




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