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Breaking Through Anxiety

For someone dealing with anxiety, the anxious thoughts overpower mind and body.  Often this “anxious self” becomes the person people see – the person we become.  As we try to fit into societal and corporate norms when dealing with a debilitating anxiety disorder we are putting our mental and physical well being at risk. How […]

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Weathering the Storm

How much can a person handle?  Why does it often feel like the weight on our shoulders gets heavier and heavier day by day? I watch as everyone around me moves quickly, in the zone, bustling from one important task to another in their lives.  Then “BAM!”, someone loses their job, receives a devastating health […]

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Approval Seeker

Have you ever made a decision because it would please someone else even though you knew, deep in your gut, that it wasn’t the right decision? Have you ever confidently stated your opinion in a meeting only to leave worrying endlessly about how the other people felt about what you said?… This is something that […]

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Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Anxious?  Happy?  Angry?  Content?  Whatever emotion you are experiencing, you can appreciate and observe that emotion mindfully.  This will help the “bad” emotions to have less power.  Read the full article on this topic here:  Dealing with Difficult Emotions  (Nature’s Pathways – July 2015)

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You Are Good Enough

Why do many people, myself included, find it so easy to find fault in ourselves? Having thoughts like, “I eat too much ice cream” or “I don’t exercise enough” or “I am not good enough”. Why is so difficult to focus on the greatness that lives inside us all the time? In my experience, I am […]

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Introversion vs. Extroversion

Information about personalities is always presented in different ways.  One simple way to look at personalities is through introversion and extroversion.  Check out the latest article that I published in the Nature’s Pathways magazine.  Enjoy!   Introversion vs. Extroversion – Appreciating Your Unique Style    

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