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Strength through Vulnerability

Earlier today, as I sat in the peacefulness of my family cabin while my son and husband ventured out into the woods for deer hunting, I gazed out the window at the bare, leafless trees with their branches openly exposed to the cool, fall air. I considered how many of us keep pushing forward in […]

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Life Under Construction

Driving through a long-term construction project recently, I remembered how people slowed down so much when it first started. Traffic backups were a regular occurrence. Now, as people have had a chance to adjust to the temporary chaos, the traffic flows more consistently. Sure, there are still occasional backups, but not nearly the way it […]

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Breaking Through Anxiety

For someone dealing with anxiety, the anxious thoughts overpower mind and body.  Often this “anxious self” becomes the person people see – the person we become.  As we try to fit into societal and corporate norms when dealing with a debilitating anxiety disorder we are putting our mental and physical well being at risk. How […]

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Behind the Mask – Finding The Authentic You

How many times has someone asked you, “How’s your day going?”, and you replied with a smile and said “good” while inside you were battling a rollercoaster of emotions related to depression or anxiety? Many of us keep our struggles under a “mask.” We need help, but we don’t ask for it. We want to […]

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Calming the Storms of an Anxious Mind

Anxiety is powerful and intense. For someone with anxiety, when these feelings arise, it is like a storm brewing inside. We try to resist it, but it’s no use sometimes because we allow the negative thoughts to take hold and have an impact on our body. When I feel the anxiety storm growing, I know […]

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The Power of Our Thoughts: Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

There are many types of therapies that can be used to treat anxiety.  One type of therapy I used was called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.  This technique was a great help in my healing.  You can find out more about CBT in the Nature’s Pathways article I published this month.

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With Every Anxious Heartbeat

When I was pregnant with my son, who is now 9, I had a heartbeat monitor that I used to check his heartbeat every day. I would place that sensor on my belly and listen to his tiny heart beating. Doing this helped my own heartbeat to normalize, reducing my anxiety that something was going […]

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The Power of Mindfulness

As I sat in a meeting at work last week, feeling overwhelmed and anxious about all the work and deadlines, I felt a variety of emotions racing through my veins – sadness, irritation, anger and despair.  I remembered how being mindful could help me to be more present and connected to myself. I started taking […]

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