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Life Under Construction

Driving through a long-term construction project recently, I remembered how people slowed down so much when it first started. Traffic backups were a regular occurrence. Now, as people have had a chance to adjust to the temporary chaos, the traffic flows more consistently. Sure, there are still occasional backups, but not nearly the way it […]

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Weathering the Storm

How much can a person handle?  Why does it often feel like the weight on our shoulders gets heavier and heavier day by day? I watch as everyone around me moves quickly, in the zone, bustling from one important task to another in their lives.  Then “BAM!”, someone loses their job, receives a devastating health […]

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Freaking Out on the Inside

As soon as the chair lift started going up, higher and higher, I could almost feel the negative thought creep into my mind and take control of my body. All around me, people at the state fair appeared to be enjoying the fair without a care in the world. My son sat smiling next to me, without […]

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More Than We Can Handle

There are times in my life when it seems like everything is changing.  I recently started a new job and we added a new puppy to our family (which is very exciting!). Changes like these add more daily responsibilities which often causes increased stress and anxiety.  It’s a time when I know I need to […]

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Social Anxiety Disorder at School

I’ve been reflecting on the past lately, thinking about the days when I had unbearable anxiety in social situations. Sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher, my heart would pound intensely, my palms slick with sweat, my stomach tight as the dreaded ball of heat formed and crept from my stomach, up through my […]

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With Every Anxious Heartbeat

When I was pregnant with my son, who is now 9, I had a heartbeat monitor that I used to check his heartbeat every day. I would place that sensor on my belly and listen to his tiny heart beating. Doing this helped my own heartbeat to normalize, reducing my anxiety that something was going […]

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The Power of Mindfulness

As I sat in a meeting at work last week, feeling overwhelmed and anxious about all the work and deadlines, I felt a variety of emotions racing through my veins – sadness, irritation, anger and despair.  I remembered how being mindful could help me to be more present and connected to myself. I started taking […]

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See the Joy in Every Moment

Do you feel like you are always seeking more of something? Maybe it’s more time for self-care or maybe it’s more willpower for your diet, or more confidence and less anxiety… Why is it that we never feel we have achieved enough? Why do we feel like everything will be better when “this” happens or […]

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What’s happening with SAD awareness?

As I continue to get the message out about social anxiety disorder, I am amazed by the wonderful people I meet.  This is a constant reminder of God’s continual guidance, his hand resting gently on my shoulder, walking with me… helping me to live from my heart and to be real, authentic.  My mind often […]

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