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Approval Seeker

Have you ever made a decision because it would please someone else even though you knew, deep in your gut, that it wasn’t the right decision? Have you ever confidently stated your opinion in a meeting only to leave worrying endlessly about how the other people felt about what you said?… This is something that […]

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Freaking Out on the Inside

As soon as the chair lift started going up, higher and higher, I could almost feel the negative thought creep into my mind and take control of my body. All around me, people at the state fair appeared to be enjoying the fair without a care in the world. My son sat smiling next to me, without […]

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Being True to Yourself

The topic of social anxiety disorder (SAD) vs. shyness vs. introversion has been on my mind lately.  There are differences between each of these and I have already written about the difference between shyness and SAD. Let’s talk a bit about introversion… I have often thought that I was an extrovert at heart, but now, […]

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What’s the difference between shyness and social anxiety disorder?

There’s often a misconception that a person with SAD is just “shy”, but that isn’t the case.  There are some distinct differences… As I started talking more about social anxiety disorder (SAD) people often related it to shyness.  When I think back to when I was shy (in grade school), I see a quiet, soft […]

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