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Social Anxiety Disorder at School

I’ve been reflecting on the past lately, thinking about the days when I had unbearable anxiety in social situations. Sitting in a classroom listening to the teacher, my heart would pound intensely, my palms slick with sweat, my stomach tight as the dreaded ball of heat formed and crept from my stomach, up through my […]

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A Letter to Victims of Bullying

October is bullying awareness month.  Bullying continues to get a lot of attention and there are many organizations dedicated to educating bullies and victims with a common goal of putting an end to bullying once and for all.  Most people who have experienced bullying know that it is possible to survive the verbal and physical […]

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Can Coping Mechanisms Help Us Overcome SAD?

When someone is shy or socially anxious, they often grasp onto a variety of coping mechanisms to minimize their fears.  A student in a classroom may doodle while the teacher is lecturing to lessen the power the negative thoughts have on their anxiety levels.  Or maybe someone says the ABCs backwards in their mind while […]

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Struggling to Fit in at School

The need for kids to feel like they fit in seems to grow with every increase in grade level.  In kindergarten and first grade, the friendship choices are more vast and less particular.  Moving up in the grade school years, the circle of friends becomes smaller but stronger.  Long lasting friendships begin to form.  In […]

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