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Breaking Through Anxiety

For someone dealing with anxiety, the anxious thoughts overpower mind and body.  Often this “anxious self” becomes the person people see – the person we become.  As we try to fit into societal and corporate norms when dealing with a debilitating anxiety disorder we are putting our mental and physical well being at risk. How […]

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The Speed of Life – Becoming More Present

Life moves so quickly, sometimes it seems like we are standing still while the world blurs past us!  It’s easy to get wrapped up in this fast paced world…  It’s important to remember to slow down and experience the present moment so we can really and truly enjoy life.  Check out my Nature’s Pathways article: […]

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Approval Seeker

Have you ever made a decision because it would please someone else even though you knew, deep in your gut, that it wasn’t the right decision? Have you ever confidently stated your opinion in a meeting only to leave worrying endlessly about how the other people felt about what you said?… This is something that […]

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More Than We Can Handle

There are times in my life when it seems like everything is changing.  I recently started a new job and we added a new puppy to our family (which is very exciting!). Changes like these add more daily responsibilities which often causes increased stress and anxiety.  It’s a time when I know I need to […]

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Dealing with Difficult Emotions

Anxious?  Happy?  Angry?  Content?  Whatever emotion you are experiencing, you can appreciate and observe that emotion mindfully.  This will help the “bad” emotions to have less power.  Read the full article on this topic here:  Dealing with Difficult Emotions  (Nature’s Pathways – July 2015)

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Facing Our Fears

Have you ever experienced fear so intense you felt paralyzed?  I’ll admit, I have many fears – some old, some new.  Fear of heights, fear of failure, fear of never meeting my own expectations in life…  I have been able to move past many of my fears, while others stick around and new ones develop. […]

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Calming the Storms of an Anxious Mind

Anxiety is powerful and intense. For someone with anxiety, when these feelings arise, it is like a storm brewing inside. We try to resist it, but it’s no use sometimes because we allow the negative thoughts to take hold and have an impact on our body. When I feel the anxiety storm growing, I know […]

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The Power of Our Thoughts: Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety

There are many types of therapies that can be used to treat anxiety.  One type of therapy I used was called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.  This technique was a great help in my healing.  You can find out more about CBT in the Nature’s Pathways article I published this month.

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Shining a Light on Anxiety Therapies

There are many types of therapies that can help to minimize anxiety.  The first three that I have highlighted in September issue of Natures Pathways are therapies that I have used for a long time — and continue to use.  I will be discussing more of them in future articles and blog posts as well. […]

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