Teen Event + Parent Workshop

As part of our Teen Event and Parent Workshops, we want to offer you some great presentations where parents and caregivers can become more educated on a variety of mental health topics.  Our schedule is continuing to be finalized, but we wanted to share a snapshot of what’s coming as it’s being developed.  Check back often for updates!

Track 1: 6:00-6:45

Break: 6:45-7:15:  Check out the expo tables & enjoy refreshments 

Track 2: 7:15-8

Session Descriptions:

Our Stranger Belly & Real Safety 

We all want our kids to be safe especially when we can not watch them. As a former police Officer Gramma Be talks about what really works and how to instill these simple safety tips in our children and a GREAT reminder for big people safety too! Stick around for this interactive & entertaining activity.

Helping Anxious Kids

Lisa Klarner and Jax Anderson will help you to recognize anxiety warning signs, share real-life perspectives on therapies, give you tips on finding the right child counselor and share ways in which you can positively influence the anxious kids in your life. Participants will hear more about Lisa’s journey through social anxiety at various stages of her life and receive helpful insight from Jax, a licensed professional counselor specializing in adolescents.

Eating Disorders, Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The prevalence of Eating disorders (ED) is on the rise with teenagers and young adults. Very few know what to do about an ED or even notice that someone they love is struggling with one. Kate and Brenda will speak about the different types of eating disorders, signs and symptoms of each and what to do if someone you know has an ED.  You will also hear about warning signs related to alcohol and drug abuse addictions.

Ecotherapy: Help is Right Outside Your Door!

Find out how spending time in nature can help bring things back into balance. Nature provides a safe, non-judgmental haven when someone is going through mental pain or anxiety. We, as a society, don’t spend much time in natural areas and have become disconnected as a result. Find out how simply spending 10-15 minutes in nature can help – and it’s FREE!